Hawbuck Lean„¢ Wallet, H01, Black/Grey, Dyneema Composite Fabric Hybrid

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The Hawbuck Lean™ Wallet: a tough, ultra-thin and ultra-light (5 grams) Dyneema wallet. It's designed to be minimal and practical. It's comfortable because it's so slim coming it at under a millimeter. This wallet is thin enough that the thickness of your wallet isn't determined so much by the wallet itself, but by how disciplined you are in keeping unnecessary cards out.

This design is for those that would rather not carry a wallet. The motive is to make it go away as much as possible.

It will fit 4-5 cards on each side, and fit narrow and long bills--US, Australian, smaller denomination Singaporean bills, Argentine pesos, and the latest pattern should just cover Russian rubles. Many other banknotes fit. Euros up to 20, but larger denomination euros are too tall.

Made of Dyneema Composite Fabric Hybrid-- Cuben Fiber with woven polyester face. There are many outstanding attributes to this material. The DCF won't absorb moisture, so it makes a great cycling wallet or really any activity where you sweat or get wet. The material also demonstrates extremely low stretch over time. It's a good vegan wallet option. Sewn with polyester thread. Thread ends flame-fused. Stamped with alcohol based mil-spec parachute marking ink.

Material made in Arizona. Thread made in Germany. Wallet made in USA.

Size: 2.8" x 7.75"

Weight: 5 grams

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